First Impressions: Pokemon White

13 Mar

Pokemon WhiteI’ve been craving a Pokemon game for some time, so when I bought my 3DS and GameStop didn’t have the JRPG I wanted, I grabbed this instead. As I started it up, I couldn’t help but compare the opening scene to all the meme’s I’ve seen on 4chan and Reddit: The Professor introduced me to herself and my best friends as if I’d never met them before and after that, everything went just like in the original Blue and Red versions I played ever so long ago. Give a name, get told about Pokemon, get sent a Pokemon and begin your life journey!

There’s no gameplay differences I can see, though the graphics are moderately improved over the previous versions. I’m still checking every trashcan, every TV to listen to the silly programs that are on, talking to every one to hear what they have to say. It’s great and I don’t just mean because of the nostalgia factor. It’s the story that really gets me, though I’m not sure the developers meant for me to enjoy it like I do.

The story starts with you getting your Pokemon, dueling with it and destroying your bedroom. After that, things take a humorous turn and where I’ve been having the most fun. Your female best friend’s father doesn’t want his ten year old child running off – alone – into the great world she knows nothing about. He screams and shouts at her and she runs away. All children have to lean about themselves and their world all by themselves, after all, so her mother isn’t fussed. Right after that, you go to the Professor and she introduces herself – again. Your male bestfriend immediately comments on how they’ve known her forever and know her name. This kind of interaction continues, something stupid is brought up and one or the other comments on it. I can’t stop giggling.

That’s not the end, though. Team Plasma, the “bad guys,” are out to “liberate all Pokemon” from being held captive in Pokeballs. Yes! Someone is finally going to save the poor Pokemon from slavery to humans. There’s even a new character that can talk to your Pokemon and knows how they really want to live. It’s pretty awesome.

I’d give this game a Don’t Rush recommendation. It’s definitely the best Pokemon game I’ve ever played (and I’ve played too many) because of the comments and story line, but it’s still just a Pokemon game. If you’re not interested in playing another or picking this up for the first time, don’t bother, but if you want to play a new version with a lot of tongue in cheek – grab this.

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