Mass Effect 3 – All the same colors

15 Mar

SPOILER WARNING: Do not read this blog if you care about being told the ending.

I loved this game, as you’ll know if you read my blog,  First Impressions – ME3. Every second was filled with a new choice, a new option, a new way to shape MY Mass Effect game. Yes, MY game. When you talk about ME 1, 2, or 3, you’ll see gamers tag “my” to the character names: “my Shepard, my Tali, my Kaiden, my Wrex.” We do this because up until the last ten minutes of this game, everything that’s taken place varies from one player to the next. My Tali and Garus hooked up, much to the shock and surprise of another ME3 player and that’s just one example of a very, very small difference.

If you follow me on twitter, you know how angry I was about the ending to this game. I’m still angry – seething, really – that I didn’t get a conclusion to my game; that the options I was given were nothing my Shepard would have ever picked, let alone ran towards in the end. Then I got in an argument with a guy who said the ending was amazing and we should stop bitching (by we I mean the 50,000 people who took a poll on EA’s Origin forums to say we hated the ending and want a better one). This blog is for you guys, for the ones who don’t get why we’re upset, why Child’s Play has raised a donation of over $45,000 in an effort to get Bioware to change the ending, and who think we need to grow up and get over it.

First I’d like to show you a little video. We were promised in interview after interview that this game, like its two predecessors, would give us massively different endings that we had shaped over the last five years of playing this franchise. Liars! And here’s the proof:

Well! Wasn’t that DIFFERENT. When I first saw the fleets I had amassed against the Reapers, I had a silly thought:  it’s not the galaxy vs. the Reapers, it’s a battle of red lights vs. blue lights! God was I very right and I wish I wasn’t.

The epic scale of every battle, every little trip to a planet had seemed to promise me something better, something good for all the work I was doing, or at the very least, something that was MINE. I can’t give the reasons why these endings suck donkey dick better than Ross Lincoln, in his post on Game Front. If you haven’t clicked my multitude of other links, click this one. Lincoln is brilliant in his ability to show all of the reasons why fans are upset, and then he proves why they’re not whiny little children who just need a hug.

And yet, I still have to give this game four screaming Jan cats out of five. Even though the ending required me to purchase a new controller for my Xbox, I still loved the rest of the game. Every moment leading up to that last interaction with the child AI and the ten minute cut scene was a battle I will fight again from the beginning of ME1. Just don’t expect me to believe this was the ending of The Shepard and MY crew; it wasn’t, no matter what Bioware says.

One Response to “Mass Effect 3 – All the same colors”

  1. Sayomara March 21, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    I’ve been thinking this afternoon after finishing the ME3 and reading your review as well as other reviews both for and against the ending.

    For the ending just feels lukewarm. It seems odd there isn’t just and ending where everything stays the same or the Reapers win. And why did I work so hard to arm the defenses of the Citadel if they are taken off scream and they get blown up good no matter what I do?

    It just doesn’t jive with what I expected. The choices I expect at the end were to be 1. do something that destroys the Reapers but also destroys the earth. 2. Everyone is saved you find a way to make a final peace with the reapers 3. Destroy the reapers but save earth and all the fleets fighting for it. 4. Everyone dies and cycle begins anew. 5. Only the humans can be saved everyone else dies. I would add to this you can make your Shepard fairly anti-alien in the earlier mass effect games seems only right that you an options to put humans first.

    You don’t really get any of that. And blowing up all the Mass Relays really seems like dropping a nuke on this universe and saying “You thought you would get more stories here. NOPE!” It also robs the game of falling action

    And the message at the end about DLC how the hell do you play any dlc after that. Its not like at the ME2 where you could just siting in your ship with your feet up. Looking for something to do. This ending I don’t know. The only think I can figure is they want to sell Jokers Jungle adventure. And why the Fuck was the Normandy in the Mass Relay anyways when it blew up wasn’t it fighting for earth why would it leave that?

    I look back and what I consider the best Ending I ever seen to a series, Babylon 5 and it still just rips at me. They also stopped not 1 but 2 a groups of all powerful Aliens bent on destroying everything and and two more seasons after that! It can be done. It could be done well. This was well, it is what it is.

    PS this is kind expected as well. And would have been ok with


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