MoP Image Leak

18 Mar

Some lovely person took a bunch of screen shots and leaked them for your viewing pleasure. You can find the full Gallery here, but here are the one’s I liked best:

Here’s a picture of the Jade Temple, which I believe is one of the new instances. The talbuk wandering around are a bit disappointing (not to mention lore breaking), but I love the dragon statues, all the cliffs and trees everywhere. It does remind me a lot of Nagrand, but I loved Nagrand, so there’s no complaining here.

Holy crap, the new Pandarans look boss! This makes me actually consider rolling a Monk class. Here’s another one:

Cherry trees in the background! I want to run around these places and go “oooooooo”

If I can’t get this little guy as a pet, I will be furious. He’s so cute! Not to mention the creepy bug in the first male panda picture.

Verming! Why are they holding lit barrels of explosives? That seems pretty stupid to me, but whatever you wanna do Blizzard, things don’t have to make sense, I guess.

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