Nika Davies on the Tillers Farms

20 Mar
LOTRO Farming

Nika Davies farming in Lord of the Rings Online

One thing I really am excited about is the concept of the farms and associated dailies. Personally, I can’t help but wonder if this this Blizzard’s way of testing the waters for possible player housing in the future. The reason I think that might be a possibility is because the farms will most likely be instanced. They have a very similar thing in Lotro (Lord of the Rings Online) with both farms and player housing, and I have a feeling Blizzard got the idea from there.

The way housing worked in Lotro was a series of neighborhoods, each containing maybe a dozen houses of different sizes and costs. You entered the neighborhood through a portal similar to entering a dungeon, so they didn’t take up all that extra space in the world. If they make the farms instanced, and it’s successful, I could see player housing happening someday in the (far) future.

As for the farming itself- if it’s anything like they do in Lotro and it sounds like it will be – it was a lot of fun! I absolutely love professions though, so this was just another fun option. You started out with a few different seeds to plant either vegetables, wheat, or tobacco. As you leveled up, you would unlock different seeds. It wasn’t like Farmville where you plant things and check it over several days. It was more like any profession or fishing. You planted the seeds and had a progress bar, and you could actually see the plant growing. Then you harvested it. The whole process didn’t take much longer than fishing from a school of fish.

The fields were not individually owned. It was more like a community area and you’d see several people in the same field, all planting and harvesting things. I’m wondering if it’s going to be something like this with our own little farm houses around it that we can decorate. I’m really hoping they’ll be instanced BUT in groups so you can visit each others farms and/or have neighbors. It seems to me like it would be easier for them to put clusters of people in each instance rather than having one instance for every single player in the game.

– Nika Davies

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