Zone Wrap Up – Krasarang Wilds

12 Apr


The Krasarang Wilds is one of the two new zones added between the Mists press event and Blizzcon 2011. Originally part of the Valley of the Four Winds, it has been vastly expanded so that it is now an entire zone of its own. As can be seen in the video, it is a large jungle, but dark and mysterious as opposed to the bright jungles like Sholazar Basin and Stranglethorn that we’re used to.

A level 86-88 questing zone, the Wilds will also contain one of the new raids (The Terrace of the Endless Spring) and will be the staging ground for future patches. Supposedly over the course of this expansion, the zone will change to reflect the fighting between the Horde and Alliance. At the moment, Blizzard describes it thus:

The Krasarang Wilds along Pandaria’s southern coast conceal many ancient secrets of a lost dynasty that have drawn the attention of prophecy-seekers among the Alliance and Horde. The Wilds are also home to the vicious, domineering Mogu, and a more insidious danger still: the Sha of Despair is believed to have escaped from its bindings in the Temple of the Red Crane, and stifling gloom has begun to blanket the land in its path

Krasarang Wilds in-game map


Mogu skins

In the Wilds, the Mogu are staging their first attempt at a return to power over all of Pandaria. Since the Wilds are dotted with Mogu ruins, I assume they’re searching for some “long lost” power which will help them re-conquer the continent. 12,000 years ago, they ruled over Pandaria and enslaved the existing races while creating many new ones. Of course, they didn’t call it that, they had a might makes right philosophy and the Mogu just happened to always be the strongest. The Pandarens lead the revolt that removed them from power, so you can imagine they’re high on the Mogu shit list.

In an effort to reclaim the Wilds, the Mogu try to re-employ their creations, the Saurok, to removed the Jinyu, Pandarens, and Horde/Alliance. These lizard-men aren’t having it, though. Designed to be smart enough to use weapons, they are refusing to cooperate and posing a threat to both the Jinyu and the Mogu.

Chi Ji, the Red Crane August Celestial, watches over the zone (as well as the Valley of the Four Winds) and his temple is located here. In times past, the Sha of Despair was imprisoned here, but has escaped. Whether this is due to the Mogu (I doubt it) or the Alliance and Horde meddling has yet to be seen. We’ve had a theme going so far for the rest of the zones, so I’m putting my money on it being the player factions’ fault.


The Terrace of the Endless Spring


The Terrace of the Endless Spring is a Sha themed instance. So far, people have found four bosses in the players handbook and these fights look like they’re going to be a lot of fun – assuming they’re not super easy. The following is what I gleaned from the spells listed and could change/not reflect the actual fight at all.

Boss 1: Protectors of the Endless

Described in the Players Handbook as a “Fish full of Sha,” it is a council boss fight against three Jinyu Elders. Elder Regail, Elder Kaolan, Elder Asani are probably possessed, but that won’t stop players from kicking their asses. One uses nature spells, one water, while the third uses shadow. At the moment, they summon adds and have a lot of fear spells.

Boss 2: Sha of Fear

Described in the Players Handbook:

  • Face your fears in up to 3 epic battles!
  • Become the Champion of the Light!
  • Waffles not included

I think this fight will be the most fun. A beam of light stands somewhere in the raid and one player standing in it is the “Champion of the Light.” This is the player automatically holds boss aggro, so it is possible to have anyone tank or pick up aggro. When a player is standing in this, a Wall of Light protects the rest of the raid from the bosses attacks. During the encounter, the boss will send adds and use both single target and AoE spells, while also teleporting players to deal with other threats, alla Lich King and Yogg’Saron. I add Yogg’Saron, because what those players are doing helps the rest of the raid by giving them buffs when they leave which prevent the fear abilities of the boss from working.

There’s also some kind of heart, possibly like XT, but attacking one version does damage to the players, while attacking the other does extra damage to the Sha.

Boss 2: Sha of Anger

“He’s really angry” is his description in the Players Hand book. I love his model, though the fight seems like it will be fairly simple. It is a two phase fight with lots of AoE damage and the second phase being a “unleash rage” phase, alla Council of the Fourwinds where players just take an ass load of damage.

The only interesting bit of this fight is the new mindcontrol mechanic. The boss places a debuff on random targets where, after a certain time, they will be mind controlled along with five people around them. As much as “pay the fuck attention” mechanics frustrate me as a raid leader, as a player they have always made fights more fun.

Boss 4: Salyis’ Warband

“What if we just put cannons on everything?” is the tag for her in the Players Handbook, but nothing else is known about this boss. I’m hoping for a great fight like Flame Leviathan in Ulduar, but I imagine this could go south like Occulus.


So far what we know about this the quests in the Krasarang Wilds is from MMO Champion. It is a level 86-88 questing zone with several daily quests for an as yet unknown faction. Supposedly, the Alliance and Horde venture into this zone seeking something mystical so perhaps it is for them, but the objectives make it sound like what I’d expect from the Shado-Pan reputation dailies they promised us. Perhaps a faction based around the raid? Any faction based in the Wilds has yet to be announced, so only time will tell.

Wrap Up

This raid looks like it’s going to be so much fun! I can’t wait to get in there and down some bosses. As to the zone itself, I love the lay out. From dark jungles with spots of bright color, to gorgeous, sandy islands surrounded by clear blue water, this is going to be my favorite zone just from a visual standpoint.

The zone, questing wise, is up in the air with so much left unknown about it. I think it’s going to be good based on the lore we know so far. After all, this is where we’ll meet the Mogu and the Saurok for the first time and both races appear to have a lot of story based around them. Not to mention, the Jinyu are back and these guys look ready to kick some Saurok ass!

5 Responses to “Zone Wrap Up – Krasarang Wilds”

  1. Sayomara at 7:48 pm #

    So to the Jinyu stop being an Alliance only friend after the Jade Forest?

    • janaelle at 8:55 am #

      No, just the Hozen are much less of a pressence from what I saw. The Jinyu are protecting their home and the Hozen are being their 14-year-old children selves.

      • sayomara at 4:05 pm #

        Ie Blizzard made a joke faction that has no legs after 3 poop jokes.

      • janaelle at 8:07 am #

        Basically. I’m looking forward to one thing from them, and that’s finding out how they dethroned the Jinyu.


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