I Feel so Pretty – Transmog How To

30 Apr

My shaman, Luthvien

I love transmogging. Besides no longer needing to carry around RP gear, I can raid in gear that actually matches! Finally! After several other MMOs implemented similar systems (Aion, Rift) Word of Warcraft patched their game to allow players to change the appearance of their gear.

While not everyone uses the transmog system, others are changing their gear’s appearance weekly. There’s even a controversy which developed over auction house prices soaring for popular, low level gear choices. Basically, a few entrepreneurial players put BoE greens up and are charging 300-1000 gold per piece. Some players think this is outrageous and are pretty peeved that they can no longer purchase cheap gear to augment their leveling process. Certainly I feel their pain; the outfit on my shaman there cost 3000 gold because I picked it up this month, well after the selling of transmog pieces became popular. The belt alone cost 1500g.

But you probably knew all about that. What you may not have known, is that because there are so many different sets and ways to customize your gear now, a new kind of blog has sprung up. These show off the sets the blogger has made and explain how other players can also get their hands on the sets. Some are sexy, some badass, others silly, and a few even mimic major lore characters. Even WoWhead got in on the action, creating a section of their site to see full gear sets easily.

High Tinker Mekkatorque from Dizzy's Dressing Room

These sites also help players with races that are particularly difficult to find good looking gear. Elves (both Blood and Night), humans, undead, and trolls have an easier time than other races, especially the worgen and tauren. Since Blizzard/Activision has never taken the time to make gear specifically for the larger races, there are many pieces that look just plain stupid when these races put them on.

If you’re not one to copy from others and really want to learn how to put together your own gear sets, you’re not likely to find a guide to help you. It is fairly simple to pick a gear set that Blizzard has already constructed for you, but if you’re looking to mix and match pieces to form the perfect set, things get a lot harder, but not all is lost. The WoW Model Viewer, after a bit of tinkering, will help you view the sets without hunting them down as will MogIt, an in game mod for the exact same purpose. After picking one or the other, the steps from here are simple. Choose an item or color scheme and away you go!

Another outfit from Dizzy's Dressing Room

Once you choose an item to build your set around, you’re looking for items that enhance it and don’t detract from it. So if it’s a chest piece, don’t put on a tabard or wear pants that clash horribly. You want to stick to the colors that are displayed on that item. So if your spiffy helm is blue, white and gold, don’t choose pants that are green. If you choose a weapon, you will have to remember the weapon enchant’s effect while crafting your gear. After that, you consider the effect you’re going for. Are you trying to stand out in the crowd? Look sexy, badass, or silly? Do you want other people to want your gear? Lastly, how much gold are you willing to spend just to look good?

Only after you’ve acknowledged and answered these guidelines can you start putting together you’re set. For people concerned with money, look into what you can farm out of old school raids; the T2 armor from Molten Core still sees a lot of action for a reason. Use your resources and remember all the old school dungeons that you can solo if you have the time. If you’re on WoWhead and you find a set you like but can’t get, there could be a set identical in another color a few dungeons lower because Blizzard is lazy and re-skins all their gear.

If you don’t care about the price of your gear, just check out the auction house. Surf for weapons, helms, chest pieces and/or shoulders because these will stand out the most when on your toon. When you find something you like, keep surfing for pieces that match or take your hunt outside the game with that piece in mind.

After that, it’s all up to your individual tastes and I’ll leave you to your mogging with one final tip: Pick two main colors and two main accent colors when picking out your gear and stick to them! Too many colors becomes a travesty and just because something looks cool, doesn’t mean you need to wear it. Edit down, not up! Unless your goal is to look like a horror show, then do what you want.

Show/tell me your favorite outfit in the comments below and how you picked it. I’d love to know.

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