Karkarov on Amnesia: the Dark Descent

7 May

One of my fellows from the Twisting Nether Gazette wrote the following review about Amnesia: the Dark Descent. I’ve wanted to feature this game in a review, but horror/survival games scare the piss out of me so I never play them. I have watched OMFG Cata play this game, but that doesn’t seem like enough to write a review on, so here is Karkarov on Amnesia: the Dark Descent. I’ve added some links, but otherwise, it’s all him.

Lately I have been playing this game called Amnesia: the Dark Descent made by the same people who created the Penumbra series, Frictional Games.

This is what we call a survival horror game. The real thing mind you; this is not Resident Evil 5 where you have a partner the whole time and a semi auto shotgun to solve your problems. You play as an amnesiac named Daniel who wakes up inside an old Gothic castle around the year of 1839-1840. All you know is your first name and that there is a “shadow” hunting you, bent on killing you. The story is supposedly based on the Lovecraft tale “The Outsider,” but I haven’t read it so I can’t say. The game feels like a Cthulhu story for certain, though.

I have played a decent clip into the game and I am really digging it. If you like horror games, you want to give it a shot. It isn’t the longest thing in the world but the graphics, presentation, and atmosphere are top notch. It is only 20 bucks, which is less than even a DS game and barely more than games like Shank, which are nothing but re-skinned beat-em-ups with a whole 6 hours of play through. Amnesia also will have a pretty neat tool set, which they are working on now,  so people can make their own adventures.

I should also mention the reason I made the quip about the shotgun: Your character spends the entire game unarmed. That’s right, if you are ever actually engaged in combat you a dead man. The only way to actually clear encounters is to either avoid them when possible, hide, or hunker down in a room and block the door while praying the thing after you loses interest or fails to break in. In addition to all this, you have limited light sources – a lantern that can run out of oil – and spending time in the dark causes you to slowly go insane.

Sounds fun right? Check out the demo on their webpage [linked above] or, if you want, you can watch some of my “Let’s Play” vids that I am making of the game. The early ones aren’t the greatest but they get better.

Don’t like my style? Then check out other peoples work because there is a lot of content out there for this title on Youtube.

Why am I bothering? Because it is a well priced indy game for the PC that is getting very little press and it deserves to be a monetary success. That’s why. Currently, it sits in the high 80’s on Metacritic so most reviewers are agreeing with me.

Here is a link to my vids playlist if you want to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_lis…024ED8CB65B1D1

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