Oh How I Miss Thee, Internet

16 Jul


No, I don’t live in the area hit by that giant black out, I just moved into a new house whose only access to the Internet is through a company called SuddenLink. They’ve told me they’ll hook me up with internet at the end of the month because they have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I just know that when TimeWarner and/or AT&T moves into the area, nearly everyone is going to switch.

This sucks. In case you missed that, THIS SUCKS. My only access to the internet is through my phone and that’s completely useless. Alright, not completely. I gave myself tendonitis typing out tweets and emails and texts.

Though it’s not like I’m going stir-crazy with boredom. I’ve read two books, caught up on some old PS2 games, unpacked most of my belongings, took a class in algebra which takes up most of my week and am spending way, way too much time with my family. I love them, but this is crazy.

Goddamn SuddenLink.


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