Kickstarter Spotlight: The Flame In The Flood

20 Oct

Kickstarter is not normally my cup of tea, but every once in a while there’s an amazing game that I just have to have. The Flame In the Flood is one of those games. Created by The Molasses Flood, a team of six whose prior credits have a whole lot of Bioshock Infinite in them, this game’s trailer had me at, “All we are, is what we leave behind.”

The Flame In the Flood is a rogue-lite game where players take control of Scout, a young woman living in backwater America, post-modern civilization. They lead her through a procedurally generated river environment, always trying to stay one step ahead of the coming rains. Wolves and other predators are on the prowl and Scout has to scavenge all the food and water she can find while keeping her make-shift raft afloat. But watch out! She’ll have to stay warm and dry as well, something not too easy when you’re traveling by river with rapids around every bend.

Sounds like a challenge I’m up for! The robust crafting system helps keep things interesting by allowing you to make repairs to your raft, new food, and other supplies to keep on floating to the rumored salvation that lies at the end of the river.

To make things a little harder, The Flame In The Flood will feature perma-death…with a twist. Anything your companion hound Aesop is carrying will be brought back to help you continue your journey. So if you died of a snake bite, infection, or hypothermia, maybe this time around you’ll do better!

What I think I’m most excited for, is the music. That is not something I say very often, or ever. Unlike a lot of players, the music is only a back drop for me, nice but not necessary. After the Stick of Truth came out, I became a little more obsessed with INCREDIBLE music in video games and The Flame In The Flood has the potential to be a game with phenomenal music. Created by Chuck Ragan, it’s got just the right flavor for a story set in backwater America.

So I’ve not convinced you to back their Kickstarter yet? Check out their trailer video and I hope you change your mind. I’ve already given them my cash and they’re fully funded, but if they reach $250,000 they’ll give us an endless mode. That just sounds amazing.

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