Reviews – How I do it

There will be three types of reviews, one after I’ve had a game for a short amount of time to give my “First Impression.” This will tell what I think of the game thus far, its successes and shortcomings, then end with a recommendation. “In Before It’s Out” reviews are simply previews of games that have not been released yet. They have no ranking system because I will only preview a game I am psyched about and will buy as soon as it’s released. The last type of review I’ll do is the Finished Game Review where I’ve finished a game completely, or I’m never going to pick it up again. These will probably contain some spoiler alerts, but give a better idea about how a game plays and any tips I picked up while playing it.

First Impressions:

There will be three recommendations: Buy it now!, Don’t rush, and Stay the fuck away. I think these are self explanatory, but for those who disagree I’ll go into a bit more detail.

Buy it now! If I recommend a First Impressions game as a must have or go buy it now, then GO BUY IT NOW. It is amazing, really fun, and I think there are few people won’t enjoy the game. Since you’re reading my opinion, it’s all that matters until you go read someone else’s opinion.

Careful Buy: This is a new category I had to add for games that are considered niche games. Basically, if you enjoy this style of game play and don’t mind certain things elements – all the voice overs are in Japanese, for example – you’ll really like the game.

Don’t rush: It’s okay so if you weren’t interested in this game before, don’t go spend any hard earned money on it just. If you end up still on the fence, wait for my full review of the game to get a more in depth opinion on the quality of the game. Or wait for it to show up in my Abandoned Games section; one or the other.

Stay the fuck away: This game sucks, it’s terrible, and I wish I had never played it.

Finished Review:

I will be using a ranking system that gives up to 5 points, or screaming cats as the host of 5wowthings, Thebiggameover, likes to say. 5 screaming cats means the game is epicly awesome and fantastically amazing. 4 screaming cats means it’s a good game, but probably something you should avoid if you don’t like the genre. 3 screaming cats means it’s okay and there’s probably a better use for your money (considering all the games out these days), but you will have fun if you do play the game. 2 screaming cats suggests a game is not worth the time put into it and I probably didn’t even finish the game. 1 screaming cat means I hated this game with a passion and no one is sure why I picked it up in the first place.

Any questions, contact me (via twitter preferably) and I’ll answer them. Otherwise, GAME ON!

Disagree? Have an opinion?

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