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But Wait! There’s Lore! Drinking game

4 Oct

Here are the official rules of the But Wait! There’s Lore! drinking game! Pop in your favorite episode of the show, grab a good drink, and play along. Don’t forget to keep track =3


  1. When brox
  2. When Kil’jaden is mentioned in the top 10 list
  3. When dunn is ‘looking for the dunn signal’
  4. When dunn talks about the horde
  5. When Necro or Jan complain about the alliance story
  6. When fuck draenei.
  7. When faction arguments come up
  8. When gnomes are made fun of
  9. When Teeironor call rogers Sky Admiral bitchface
  10. When Necro praises Sky Admiral Rodgers

Hardcore rules:

  1. When  character names are wrong.