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Agar.iOh My God, I Can’t Stop Playing

31 Jul

My latest app addiction, Agar.io is fun, challenging and incredibly simple. Originally created by Reddit user Zeach as a browser-based game, it has since been Greenlit by Steam and was released this month for Android and iOS. Incredibly addictive, it’s a game that will keep all ages entertained for hours.

Players are small circles (called cells) that grow only by eating smaller cells. The game has two rules: 1) Eat anything smaller than you and 2) Don’t get eaten. Continue reading

First Impressions – World of Goo for Android

9 Mar

World of Goo

I picked this game up because the Market Place has been telling me it’s such a great game for about two weeks now. And for $.50 I can’t really say I’m disappointed. It’s fifty cents, people! This game has been on the market for three months and while I haven’t played any of its counter parts on the PC or Wii, I’ve heard amazing things about this game and so far, it’s lived up to its reputation.

For those who don’t know, World of Goo is a puzzle game where you stretch little goo balls into patterns to create a structure that needs to reach a pipe somewhere on the screen in a certain amount of moves. Physics are implemented very well so if your tower is too heavy on the left side, it’ll bend and eventually topple over. Also, if you have to cross a gap, your structure will dip further and further into the hole if you don’t have a balloon to hold it up.

I’ve yet to do any patterns that are not a lot of triangles stuck together, but I would assume you can create squares and rectangles if you try hard enough.  Several gimmicks are used to make levels harder, such as goo balls “sleeping” on another part of the screen and you have to stretch your structure to reach them, or spikes that will pop your balloons when you’re trying to create a bridge across a large gap. These gimmicks have yet to be cheap or overly annoying, adding a nice level of challenge to otherwise static levels. Continue reading