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Diary of Fallout 4 – Pt1

13 Nov

Day 2

I’m not sure what the exact date is, but Codsworth assures me I’ve been in cryostasis for over two centuries. It was impossible to believe at first, but the last night in Sanctuary Hills has drilled the point home. The world as I knew it is over.


Day 3

Discovering the pip-boy lets me create daily log entries was nice, but putting the horror of the last few days – well, what feels like a few days – into words makes it even harder to deal with. After yesterday’s entry, Continue reading

Fallout Shelter: The Facebook Game for Android

13 Aug

Fallout Shelter, the mobile game to tease players who are just dying for Fallout 4 to come out in November, is finally out on Android along with a patch for the iOS game adding new mobs to potential room disasters. Anyone who was expecting anything close to a normal Fallout game will be sorely disappointed, but that’s their fault for being idiots and expecting a mobile game sim to be more than a mobile game sim.

Similar to Tiny Tower developed by Nimble Bit for the iOS and Android, players build a massive vault from the ground down for one purpose: Make it bigger. Fallout Shelter is infinitely more complicated than Tiny Tower, however, whose formula is wait, collect resources, build, repeat. In Fallout Shelter, there is a lot of wait and repeat. Thankfully, there’s far more to do between waiting than in Tiny Tower.   Continue reading