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Glitch – The ultimate casual game

9 May

Glitch is a web-based MMO created by Tiny Speck. Similar to Maple Story, it’s much more entertaining and has very few griefers and all around jerks hopping around. I have been playing it for five months now, even though it’s technically still in Beta, and have enjoyed my time in Ur immensely.

But really, what is Glitch? According to Tiny Speck:

My character in Glitch

Glitch is a web-based massively-multiplayer game which takes place inside the minds of eleven peculiarly imaginative Giants. You choose how to grow and shape the world: building and developing, learning new skills, collaborating or competing with everyone else in one enormous, ever-changing, persistent world.

For the most part, Glitch reminds me of the casual games from Facebook on a huge scale and without all the annoying crap. With more depth than any Facebook game, it is easy to get lost for an hour mining, farming, scraping, cooking, or selling goods on the auction house. The developers have programed their Flash based game so it’s easy to navigate, contains bright and cheerful graphics, and has complicated gameplay that is still easy to understand.

There’s a little something for everyone in this MMO: Skills allow leveling and progress; anyone who enjoys decorating or transmogging can make their mark with building an outfit for their avatar or (with the new patch out) decorating their home; hundreds of badges are out there to be collected; crafting skills range from cooking to building furniture, caring for animals or plants to alchemy; and quests break up the monotony by sending you on missions to far away lands to do whatever it is your pet rock told you to do. If you can think of it and it isn’t in the game, putting a suggestion on the forums has a good chance of your idea being implemented later on. Personally, I’m hoping for an “Activate All” button as the only tedious part of the game is activating each individual piece of broccoli to get the iMG bonus. Since if you’re reading this, you won’t know that iMG is the Glitch equivalent to XP so yes, you can grow XP by buying or making broccoli seeds, then growing the vegetable.

Confused yet? Understandable. There’s just so much to do in Glitch that it’s hard to understand in a few paragraphs. Let’s see if I can break it down for you. Continue reading