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Nika Davies on the Tillers Farms

20 Mar
LOTRO Farming

Nika Davies farming in Lord of the Rings Online

One thing I really am excited about is the concept of the farms and associated dailies. Personally, I can’t help but wonder if this this Blizzard’s way of testing the waters for possible player housing in the future. The reason I think that might be a possibility is because the farms will most likely be instanced. They have a very similar thing in Lotro (Lord of the Rings Online) with both farms and player housing, and I have a feeling Blizzard got the idea from there.

The way housing worked in Lotro was a series of neighborhoods, each containing maybe a dozen houses of different sizes and costs. You entered the neighborhood through a portal similar to entering a dungeon, so they didn’t take up all that extra space in the world. If they make the farms instanced, and it’s successful, I could see player housing happening someday in the (far) future. Continue reading