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Ugraz on Hunter Pets and PvP

6 Sep

This is the write up Ugraz did for Episode 23. It’s very well written and informative, so for all you hunters out there, enjoy!

The classic hunter PvP pet is a spider. There are many spider models, and they have a nice Web ability. These pets are useful in all types of PvP: Bgs/Arenas/world pvp. AND they are pretty useful against most enemies, because you get to hold them in place. (Healers can’t run behind a wall. Melee can’t keep chasing you. Casters can’t stand on you and attack) I prefer wasps over spiders though. Wasps have a stun that lasts two seconds. The stun lasts shorter than the web, yes, but the target cannot do anything while stunned..and if you’re lucky, they’ll waste their trinket on that.

IF you are doing PvP with a rogue or a warrior, you might want to use a Hyena or a Boar. These pets have an ability that increases all Bleed damage by 30% for 15 seconds, and the cool down is only 10 seconds. That means, they can keep reapplying the debuff to enemies, while your melee buddy uses it to his/her advantage. Continue reading

Streaming Arenas

29 Aug

My 2’s partner apparently streams his stuff live. We did 2’s last night, and plenty of people got to watch us take on our own comp (WP v WP is NOT fun) as well as a Rogue Disc Priest combo that whooped us after a 30 minute fight. There were some other teams in there, but those two sucked the most.

When/if we do this in the future, I’ll let you know via Twitter, but in the mean time, he’s the link to his stuff!



27 Aug

If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like us to talk about, leave a reply here and let us know! We’re always in need of more topics.