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No more special ponies – New Black Market in WoW

13 May

Ashes of Al’ar mount

Those pissed that they can no longer be special ponies with the addition of account wide mounts and achievements in World of Warcraft have something new to fear – The Black Market Auction House. The new Black Market AH allows players to bid on special items that are not sold by NPCs, like the above Ashes of Al’ar mount. Other items that have been seen are the Reins of the Blazing Drake, Swift White Hawkstrider, and Riding Turtle.

It’s not just mounts that will be sold, though. The picture (below) posted by MMO-champion suggests there will be pets, crafting recipes and the long lost Tier 3 armor sets. If you were looking to transmog your gear into these gorgeous sets, you no longer have to wait for them to be added to the Dark Moon Faire, though hopefully they still will be. There’s also speculation that even more items that are no longer obtainable will be reintroduced into the game this way like the Zul Garub tiger and raptor mounts, the Ulduar black and plagued proto-drakes, or the batling pet from the Wrath release event.

But who’s responsible for this madness? Madam Goya, who makes her home at the Tavern of the Mists in the Veiled Stair, which is north of the Valley of the Four Winds. Wrathion is chilling with her, but I’m not sure if that means anything.

Only time will tell if Blizzard/Activision has made a smart play with this new Auction House, but one thing’s for sure, all of those who farmed up a ton of gold and want something to spend it on will finally have a place to dump their  cash. Maybe inflation will go down on the regular Auction House now?

Uncharted: Golden Abyss Finished Review

11 Mar

Uncharted: Golden AbyssUncharted is a game that’s been talked about for several years now, ever since Nathan Drake went on his first adventure on the PS3. Naughty Dog has been lauded for its beautiful mixture of graphics, gameplay and story telling so much that I, for one, regretted never getting my hands on the first tow Uncharted games before my ex ran off with the PS3.

That being said, I picked up this game expecting not to understand some things. Sure enough, the game started me out in the middle of a jungle ruin, fighting against some guys for whatever reason, and with no idea why I (Nathan Drage) was there or what I was looking for. Figuring that I’m missing something from the PS3 games, I continue through the tutorial without a worry. Turns out, no one playing this game will know why the fuck Drake is here when they first pick up the game or what he’s looking for in these ruins. Way to go, Naughty Dog. Eventually, I got through tutorial and into the actual story of Golden Abyss which did live up to what I have heard about Uncharted’s storyline. There was just one problem, the game play sucked. Hard. The story and lovely graphics only barely make up for the unchallengeing and/or frustrating gameplay.

The platforming segments are broken up by puzzle solving and shooting segments. I use puzzle solving loosely as Continue reading

First Impressions – World of Goo for Android

9 Mar

World of Goo

I picked this game up because the Market Place has been telling me it’s such a great game for about two weeks now. And for $.50 I can’t really say I’m disappointed. It’s fifty cents, people! This game has been on the market for three months and while I haven’t played any of its counter parts on the PC or Wii, I’ve heard amazing things about this game and so far, it’s lived up to its reputation.

For those who don’t know, World of Goo is a puzzle game where you stretch little goo balls into patterns to create a structure that needs to reach a pipe somewhere on the screen in a certain amount of moves. Physics are implemented very well so if your tower is too heavy on the left side, it’ll bend and eventually topple over. Also, if you have to cross a gap, your structure will dip further and further into the hole if you don’t have a balloon to hold it up.

I’ve yet to do any patterns that are not a lot of triangles stuck together, but I would assume you can create squares and rectangles if you try hard enough.  Several gimmicks are used to make levels harder, such as goo balls “sleeping” on another part of the screen and you have to stretch your structure to reach them, or spikes that will pop your balloons when you’re trying to create a bridge across a large gap. These gimmicks have yet to be cheap or overly annoying, adding a nice level of challenge to otherwise static levels. Continue reading