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I Feel so Pretty – Transmog How To

30 Apr

My shaman, Luthvien

I love transmogging. Besides no longer needing to carry around RP gear, I can raid in gear that actually matches! Finally! After several other MMOs implemented similar systems (Aion, Rift) Word of Warcraft patched their game to allow players to change the appearance of their gear.

While not everyone uses the transmog system, others are changing their gear’s appearance weekly. There’s even a controversy which developed over auction house prices soaring for popular, low level gear choices. Basically, a few entrepreneurial players put BoE greens up and are charging 300-1000 gold per piece. Some players think this is outrageous and are pretty peeved that they can no longer purchase cheap gear to augment their leveling process. Certainly I feel their pain; the outfit on my shaman there cost 3000 gold because I picked it up this month, well after the selling of transmog pieces became popular. The belt alone cost 1500g.

But you probably knew all about that. What you may not have known, is that because there are so many different sets and ways to customize your gear now, a new kind of blog has sprung up. These show off the sets the blogger has made and explain how other players can also get their hands on the sets. Some are sexy, some badass, others silly, and a few even mimic major lore characters. Even WoWhead got in on the action, creating a section of their site to see full gear sets easily. Continue reading